Boost your credit score with this little unknown trick!

Boost Your Credit With Barely Used Trick

Did you know there’s a simple way to quickly boost your credit score and you can do it without going into debt?  Sounds incredible but it’s true. This method isn’t complicated and it doesn’t take a lot of hard work.  What’s more 9 out 10 people are qualified to use it.

What am I talking about?

Using rental payments to boost your credit score.  You see, every month you pay rent and it’s usually your biggest monthly payment. Not only that, you do it 12 times per year. And for this reason, this method can have an enormous effect on your credit score, and may even completely repair your credit in just 6-12 months. But it gets even better.  This method can also be used retroactively. What that means is that you can also include past rental payment (up to two years.).  Just think about how much money you’ve paid in rent over the last two years, and imagine this being factored into your credit report. How many points do you think it would rise? Who knows, but it could be a lot.  And if you’re curious to find out and how wondering how you do this keep reading. There are a couple of companies which offer this service, but the biggest one is called Rental Kharma. They’re based in Denver, Colorado and you can find out more about them at 

Don’t rush to the website just yet.

In order to use their service you first need to qualify. This depends on a couple of things like verifiable rental information (do you have a landlord?)  and how much you pay in rent.  Go here now to see if you make the grade. It takes just 3 minutes to sign up and check and you can also see reviews from people who have used their service.  Ultimately, rental payments are one of the easiest ways to boost or repair your credit.  And don’t forget, this method is retroactive, which means you could be sitting on a goldmine of credit points. With factors like this, it could make a huge impact on repairing your credit. It takes just 3 minutes to find out. And even if you’re not repairing your credit why not give it a go.  In the long run a better credit score saves you money. It determines how much interest you pay for car and student loans, mortgages and credit cards. And with Rental Kharma you can build your credit, lower your interest and save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.  Think about how much money you’ve wasted in rent over the years.  Isn’t it time you got something back?  You can with Rental Kharma.

Go here now to see if you qualify.

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