Equifax Recent Data Breach May Affect You

Equifax is one of the three biggest consumer credit reporting agencies. The company recently stated that malicious hackers had acquired access to data that possibly compromised sensitive information for close to 143 million consumers in America. The number of potential victims accounts for a large population of the country. Crucial information including driver’s license numbers, addresses, and social Security numbers among others was exposed.

According to the company’s website, it handles massive amounts of data. More than 91 million businesses worldwide and 820 million consumers used the credit reporting firm’s services. If you are one of their clients, this implies that you may be a victim of the latest cyber attack reported by the organization.

Upon discovery of the said incident, you have to move actively and aggressively. With the assumption that an unauthorized third party may have stolen your personal information from Equifax (or any other firm), odds are that they are working as fast as they possibly can to use your information. Therefore, to minimize the potential damage, you can take the following measures as soon as possible.

Lockdown the affected account(s)
Whereas there are many ways to learn about a compromised account, numerous people discovered the breach through the Equifax’s website. You may have also be contacted by your bank regarding unusual charges, which are often visible on your statement.
In that case, the initial step is to contact your financial institution, regardless of the costs, and ask to lock the account temporarily.


Review your bank statements and credit cards for other unauthorized charges
Pull up all your accounts and scan through old financial statements for other charges you did not authorize or do not recognize. Also, remember to review infrequently used or dormant accounts as well. If you come across unknown transactions, alert the financial institution and request the account be closed or locked.

Sign up for a Credit monitoring service
In as much as this is not mandatory by law, some institutions offer complimentary credit monitoring services to victims of a breach. To activate the credit monitoring service, you need to sign up. Simply put, automatic enrollment in fraud monitoring does not exist.

Review your credit reports
Often regarded as the final step, your credit report will help you to assess whether you are actually a victim of the recent breach at Equifax. Request copies of your credit report from the firm and assess for any unrecognized activities.

With that in mind, you have to remain vigilant in reviewing all your credit reports and account statements to identify any suspicious activity. If you come across anything suspicious, report it immediately to the appropriate financial institution or Get started now.

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