Top 3 Reasons Why Identity Theft Protection Is Important When Repairing Your Credit?

Credit repair is a long and winding road.
And what most fail to realize is that protecting your identity is as equally important as rebuilding  your credit.
You see, the way identity thieves make money is through committing fraud. And one way they do this is by purchasing on credit and leaving you to foot the bill.
So it’s not a good idea to just to rebuild your credit and then have your identity stolen because then you will be back to  square one.
Especially in 2017, identity theft has literally exploded over  the last few years.
In fact, over $16 billion was stolen from 15 million hardworking Americans in 2016 alone, which is almost $1,000 per person. And if you’re rebuilding your credit, I think you’ll agree that’s money you cannot afford to lose.
But why has the problem gotten so out of hand?
We believe there are 3 good reasons…
The widespread use of social media
Very few people ever stop to consider the danger that social media poses.
And the reason why it’s so dangerous is because we are constantly sharing our personal  information online.
This gives identity thieves more opportunities than ever before.
And because social media platforms need to generate revenue they are requesting more  and more of your personal information.
The increased use of credit cards
The main goal of any good identity thief is to have access to your credit card details. This way they can make purchases online (or over the phone) and go on a spending spree. And if you’re repairing or re-establishing your credit then I’m pretty sure it’s because you hope to one day own a credit card again or for the first time. Which is why, it’s vitally important that you take steps to protect your identity BEFORE you repair your credit.
Your smartphone
In the old days identity thieves would target your mailbox. Today, they target your smart phone, which why avoiding them is such a good idea. And if you can manage this, congratulations, you’ve taken the first step towards living “Off the grid” and protecting your identity. However, for those who can’t (like myself) please read on.
The reason why smart phones are so appealing to identity thieves is because they contain a huge amount of personal data. Not only that, every time you download something or surf the web, you’re creating more data  for them to exploit. And to top it off, they are almost effortless to hack. Which also means the identity thieves don’t even need your phone.
So can you see the value of investing in identity theft protection?
People who are repairing their credit need this.
Don’t make the expensive mistake of waiting until after your identity is stolen.
Remember, prevention is better than cure.  And if what I’ve just said makes sense, and you want to see what steps you can take to prevent your identity from being stolen please click the link on the top right side to get more information on identity theft.

We here at Wise Credit USA believe that prevention is better than a cure. If you do not currently have identity theft protection reach out to us at (888)510-5095.

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